"The final proof of a manager and the final demand on management is integrity, a moral soundness in business dealings that tests steadfastness to truth, purpose, responsibility and trust. Managers cannot compromise when it comes to demanding integrity from their superiors, their subordinates or themselves. No matter how knowledgeable or experienced the manager may be, if he lacks integrity he destroys himself, other people and in the long run his organization. He corrupts the purpose of the organization and destroys its spirit. Integrity cannot be taught or demanded, but is an absolute requisite for a professional property manager and one quality he must carry with him to the organization."

"The Practice of Real Estate Management" Published in 1979
William Walters Jr., CPM,
William Walter Company
1971 President of Institute of Real Estate Management

Founded in 1999, Fusion PMC has built it's a reputation with it clients of integrity, reliability and honesty.  The owners of Fusion both are both former executives of William Walters Company and strongly believe in the importance of strong property management as a tool to provide consistent cash flow for owners and a quality homes for residents of Fusion's communities.

Fusion employs real estate brokers in both California and Arizona and is led by its Managing Partners, a Certified Property Manager since 1985 and a Certified Public Accountant since 1975. The executives of Fusion are active in all regional apartment associations and are recognized as leaders within the property management profession.  In total the company boasts over 100 years of ongoing property management experience and can provide management for assets from 25 to 500 units.  Our fundamental goal is to provide superior service to our residents and owners through focused, hands on property management provided by well trained and motivated property management professionals.